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Eric SC Lim


Sports Photographer

Christian Indra.webp



"I'm is a professional photographer for fashion and wedding photography.

A photograph is more than just a gift to bring or send. And more than just the

likeness of a relative or friend. It is a mirror that reflects companionship,

cheer, and faithful portrait The smile that friendship shares To add its sunshine

and to show that someone really cares."

Xu Gui Lian.webp



I had received LPSS from The Photographic Society of Singapore at 2018. Photography as my hobby since before few years. Life always beautiful,I want to used my camera and lens to capture the beautiful moments and unforgettable things in my life.

Ken Chan.webp



I started off photography like the rest as a hobbyist back in 1999 during the film era. Subsequently ventured into Food Photography as a professional food blogger which leads to being engage by restaurants to shoot photo for menu & brochures use. Spinning from here, I involved to portraiture & subsequently shooting in weddings. From the words of mouth,the circle start to get more & more jobs which range from maternity,family,sports,events & literally all types of photography works.In the year 2013, got myself a Bronze Loupe Award (Fashion Commercial). This year 2016, just recently won Epson Pano Awards (1 Silver & 5 Bronze) also took a 2nd Prize Winner in the Malaysian Tibetan Kadhampa Buddhist Assn.Lastly,being Top Finalist (Wedding) in the Hasselblad Masters. SIGMA Japan have slected 2 of my photos for SIGMA 2018 calendar.

Steven Thang.webp



Being in a hectic and demanding industry,photography is a way to unwind myself,colours and lighting always fascinate me as well as textures. The right equipment is important to capture all of those qualities.

Carl Choong.webp



Carl Choong is an avid photography enthusiast. After picking up his first digital SLR in 2010 as a way to distress, he has gone to the Mirroless side for both the convenience and smaller size. In the quest for better quality in his photographic journey especially in making prints, he has embraced Sigma's Foveon technology with a passion and never back.

Hamis Alwi.webp



I took up photography as a hobby after my retirement. Finding it fulfilling it soon became my passion. My focus is on birding and landscape.




Freelance, specialise in portraits photo.

David Yeo.webp

DAVID YEO EPSA,AFIAP,FPSM,Mentor of Lens Eye,etc.


In 1988, I had received my first achievement when I was awarded the Artiste FIAP (AFIAP) by the Federation International De L'Art Photographique (International Federational of Photographic Art) of Switzerland. My most outstanding in my career is one of my works was selected by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) for the World Exhibition in 1992 PSA Convention. My active participations in the Photographic Society of S'pore where I am holding key appointments as a Honorary Secretary (1989) & the Chairman of the Singapore International Salon of Photography (1990). In 1993, I had gained a Fellowship of the Photographic Society of Malaysia (FPSM), which is the highest award. In the year 14/12/14, Lens Eye Portal in India had conferred me as a Mentor of Lens Eye - the only one in Asia region. In 2014, I had received my EPSA (Excellence) from the Photographic Society of America.


Bobby Tonelli

is an American actor and television host who has appeared in several Hollywood films including Cages, Running Red, No Tomorrow, and The Darwin Conspiracy, and numerous Singapore television series. (Photo enthusiast & reviewer).

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