• 10 times the strength of a conventional protective filter, 3 times the strength of a chemically hardened glass filter

    Made with a special process that evenly precipitates microcrystalline spinel throughout the material, Clear Glass Ceramic offers a Vickers hardness number of 700HV. The new SIGMA filter made with Clear Glass Ceramic offers over 10 times the strength of a conventional protective filter and over 3 times the strength of a high-strength protective filter made with chemically hardened glass of the same thickness.

  •        WR UV (GLASS)

    AFL9B0 46mm   S$80.00

    AFM9B0 49mm   S$80.00

    AFA9B0 52mm   S$80.00

    AFB9B0 55mm   S$90.00

    AFC9B0 58mm   S$100.00

    AFD9B0 62mm   S$110.00

    AFE9B0 67mm   S$110.00

    AFF9B0 72mm   S$140.00

    AFG9B0 77mm  S$140.00

    AFH9B0 82mm  S$190.00

    AFI9B0  86mm  S$240.00

    AFJ9B0 95mm  S$290.00

    AFK9B0 105mm S$380.00


    AFL9D0 46mm   S$70.00

    AFM9D0 49mm   S$70.00

    AFA9D0 52mm   S$70.00

    AFB9D0 55mm   S$80.00

    AFC9D0 58mm   S$80.00

    AFD9D0 62mm   S$80.00

    AFE9D0 67mm   S$90.00

    AFF9D0 72mm   S$110.00

    AFG9D0 77mm   S$110.00

    AFH9D0 82mm   S$120.00

    AFI9D0  86mm   S$200.00

    AFJ9D0 95mm   S$250.00

    AFK9D0 105mm S$340.00


    AFE9E0 67mm   S$180.00

    AFF9E0 72mm   S$190.00

    AFG9E0 77mm   S$220.00

    AFH9E0 82mm   S$260.00

    AFI9E0  86mm   S$320.00

    AFJ9E0 95mm   S$360.00

    AFK9E0 105mm S$430.00










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