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Register online to enjoy 6 months of extended local warranty in Singapore or Malaysia (only) for goods supplied by Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and / or Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Sdn Bhd,  as well as products sold by exclusive Sigma authorised shop dealers in Singapore and Malaysia. Registration must be made within 14 days from date of purchase; otherwise, this 6 months extended local warranty will not apply.

Goods supplied by Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Sdn Bhd already come with 24 months local warranty (from date of purchase), so long as ALL the details in the local warranty card (white color) are filled-in properly and accompanied by the appropriate authorized dealer’s company stamp.

Original purchase receipt/invoice and local warranty card (white color) must be produced for any warranty repairs when coming into our technical support/service center. Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Sdn Bhd reserves all rights to refuse warranty repairs without purchase receipts and our local warranty card.

This 06 months extended warranty (and/or also the 24 months standard warranty)  is not applicable to purchases from neither overseas ( or local) online web dealers nor non-authorised shop dealers.

NB. This online registration is also applicable to exclusive promotional deals offered ONLY by Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Audio and / or Photo Distributor (FE) Sdn; Bhd for their respective local purchases.



1) Unless otherwise specified, this standard warranty is only applicable to the first and original registered owner of the product (not applicable to subsequent owners), and is limited to repairs against defective materials and manufacturing faults for a period of 24 months (not inclusive of the 06 months online registration) from the date of registered purchase (reflected on the original purchase receipt). This warranty is not transferable, nor, does it cover any damages to any unit caused by accident, misuse, negligence, or in any way been tampered with.


The warranty does not cover damage resulting from:-

a) Installation to wrong local mains voltage.

b) Use other than in accordance with the instructions for operation.

c) Any alterations or modifications to the appliance/ unit.

d) Any unauthorized repair carried out,

e) Defects caused by use of accessories, attachments, products, parts, or devices not conformed to Sigma specifications, and alterations to the product are undertaken without the express approval of SIGMA.

f) Improper use, mishandling, negligence such as drop or impact upon, etc, or contamination caused by sand, dust, dirt, chemicals, or moisture (and fungus infection due to inappropriate storage), etc.

2) Under no condition must any dealer or end-user alter, remove, deface the Serial Number or erase any of these conditions stated otherwise you will not be able to benefit from this warranty given.

3) All transportation charges and insurance to and fro from Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and & Audio & Photo Distributor ( FE ) Sdn Bhd are at the expense of the owner.

4) Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and /or  Audio & Photo Distributor ( FE ) Sdn Bhd's decision on all questions relating to complaints as to defects either of workmanship or material shall be final and conclusive and the Purchaser shall agree to abide by such a decision.

5) This warranty is limited to repair of defects in material and/ or workmanship only. In no event shall Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and / or Audio Photo Distributor ( FE ) Sdn Bhd be liable for other expenses or inconvenience, or for consequential damages occasioned by the product or by breach of an expressed or implied warranty with respect thereto.

6) Original Purchase receipt (with item purchase date) and local warranty card (all details fill up and with authorized dealer shop stamp) must be produced for any warranty repairs, failing which Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and/or Audio Photo Distributor ( FE ) Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to refuse warranty repairs, and/or lens calibrations.

7) Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd and / or Audio Photo Distributor ( FE ) Sdn Bhd, reserves the right to impose service fees for lens calibrations, should the owner(s) do not have proper purchase receipt, and warranty card issued by us.   It is the responsibility of Sigma products owners to keep these documents and present them to us every single time when coming to our service center.  (See para 6.)

8)  Any product purchased from an non-authorised Sigma Singapore / Sigma Malaysia dealer (Goods NOT imported by Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd , nor,  Audio Photo  Distributor   (FE)  Sdn Bhd), will not be serviced under our warranty terms.  Nevertheless, Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd  or Audio Photo Distributor ( FE ) Sdn Bhd  Service department(s) will assist in providing after-sales services for these products (terms apply);  for an additional minimum S$200 (or RM 600)  per servicing, on top of the required parts and labor charges at the owner's expense. 

Note: Please fill in yours and item's particulars below and upon successful completion, there will be a reply to your register email confirmation whatsoever. Please register only ONCE. For further assistance, please contact us at :  (Also to

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