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Sigma Cine Lens 18-35 T2

Sigma Cine Lens 50-100 T2

Polymer Multi Case PCM 001 Case


Sigma Cine Lens 20mm T1.5 FF

Sigma Cine Lens 24mm T1.5 FF

Sigma Cine Lens 35mm T1.5 FF

Sigma Cine Lens 50mm T1.5 FF

Polymer Multi Case PCM 002 Case


Sigma Cine Lens 85mm T1.5 FF

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50-100mm T2

T2 brightness throughout the zoom range. Outstanding resolution ready for 6K-8K. These lenses combine top performance with superior compactness. The High Speed Zoom Line offers a constant aperture of T2 throughout the zoom range, and their outstanding optical performance makes them fully ready for high-resolution shooting in 6K-8K. While offering the highest image quality in their class, these zoom lenses are compact and offer amazing value. Mount: PL, EF, E